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Cryopreservation/ Freezing

Egg Freezing

Many women are delaying marriage and therefore childbearing these days due to personal and career reasons and it becomes difficult to timeline your goals with your biological clock. Now you can save your healthy eggs with our Arriva egg freezing programme which allows you to use these stored eggs in future when you are ready to start your family. This approach is also being offered to many unmarried women before initiating any gonadotoxic treatment like chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Right time for egg freezing ?

Right age - It is a well known fact that as age advances, both the quality and quantity of eggs decline. Therefore, it is advisable to freeze your eggs before the age of 35 years so as to increase your chances of success if you happen to use your frozen eggs. At Arriva, we respect your choices and offer you the option of preserving your fertility until you are ready. Majority of the women are not aware of age related decline in fertility. We provide support in order to help you in making the right decision based on your fertility status to either freeze your eggs or start trying for a pregnancy immediately. It has been experienced that by the time women visit a fertility specialist to discuss the options they may have already diminished fertility potential which limits their choices. Arriva encourages all women to visit our fertility specialist to know more about the available options at a right age which will maximise your chances of getting pregnant in future.

Steps of egg freezing ?

Scheduling an appointment - Visit our fertility expert for detailed discussion on the available options which fits best for you and the process of egg freezing itself. You may ask and clear any doubts related to the procedure. We may arrange some tests to further decide if this is the right option for you. At Arriva, we provide personalised advice depending on your individual situation to maximise the success rates.

Egg collection and freezing- The process involves hormonal injections which usually start on day 2 of your cycle and lasts for approximately two weeks. Serial ultrasound scans are done to assess the growth of follicles along with hormonal evaluation if required. Once the follicles reach enough size, trigger injection is given and egg collection procedure is scheduled after 36-38 hours. The egg collection procedure is done under sedation and you will feel no pain during the process which lasts 20-30 minutes. The eggs are checked in the laboratory and then frozen and stored safely for future use.

Future use of stored eggs- When you are ready to start your family, the stored eggs will be thawed and embryos will be created using your partner's sperm. The embryos will be transferred to your uterus.

Sperm Freezing

Sperm freezing is a an effective way to preserve your fertility in cases when you are not ready to start your family -

  • Some medical conditions affecting your fertility
  • Treatment modalities like chemotherapy or radiotherapy affecting the sperm quality
  • Before undergoing vasectomy
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Steps of sperm freezing ?

Preprocedure assessment- Before freezing your sperms, a semen analysis would be required along with an infection screen. We will also discuss the implications of the procedure and will guide you about the future use of your sperms.

Collection and preservation- You will be asked to collect the sample in the premises as per your convenience. The sample is processed in the laboratory and is cryopreserved in liquid nitrogen for as long as you have consented for, usually 10 years, or as per local rules and regulations.

Future use- when you are ready to start your family, the stored sperms will be thawed and can be used after checking the quality of the sperms.

Embryo freezing

Embryo freezing has become an increasingly preferred option for fertility preservation in following cases

  • Before initiating any gonadotoxic treatment like chemotherapy or radiotherapy
  • During IVF/ICSI, excess of good quality embryos can be frozen for future use without the need of undergoing another IVF cycle

Procedure of embryo freezing

After collection of eggs, these eggs are fertilised in the laboratory with your partner sperms. The good quality embryos are frozen for as long as you have consented for or as per local rules and regulations. When you are ready to use your stored embryos, these are thawed and again assessed for the quality before implantation into your uterus.

Success rates of freezing programme

It is important to know that only good quality gametes, eggs or sperms, and embryos can be frozen. The number of gametes and embryos frozen may be less than the number of gametes collected or embryos fertilised in the laboratory. Moreover, not all gametes and embryos survive the freezing and thawing process. The chances of success are largely related to the quality of the gametes and embryos at the time of freezing and the technique of freezing and thawing itself. The success rates are however improving continually with advances in technology in this field.

Your Next Step

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