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Donor IUI

Donor IUI is insemination using donor sperms. If your partner has essentially no sperm (Azoospermia) or IVF is financially not an option, donor IUI may be offered as an alternative option which is a simple and economical procedure. It is similar to IUI procedure in a way that you will be given ovulation inducing medications to develop a dominant follicle followed by a trigger injection when the follicle attains a size capable of releasing a mature egg. On the day of IUI, the frozen sample from an anonymous donor, retrieved from the sperm bank, is thawed and processed in the laboratory before insemination. The donors undergo rigorous blood testing so as to minimise the risk of transmitting any infection. Also all the donor sperms are quarantined for at least 6 months before use.

Donor egg IVF

A donor egg IVF is an appropriate option for women who are not able to conceive with their own eggs. If you have diminished ovarian reserve due to advanced age or any other reason, you may need donor eggs. The other indications are premature ovarian failure due to autoimmune disorders, chemotherapy or surgical causes. Women with genetic mutations will also be appropriate candidates for donor egg IVF.

Steps -

Pre procedure assessment- The donor is screened and recruited through ART bank as per latest ICMR guidelines. She will undergo extensive medical and psychological evaluation and be screened for infectious diseases. You may be required to complete all the legal paperwork before starting the cycle. We will guide you through all the checklists to make the procedure smooth for you. You may also need to be evaluated for your endometrial lining or any other uterine abnormalities.

Donor Egg IVF cycle- The cycle comprises synchronisation between the donor and the recipient cycle. This is achieved by stimulating the ovaries of the donor using injections and simultaneously you will be started on hormonal tablets to prepare your uterus. When the follicles attain adequate size, trigger injection is given and egg collection is scheduled after 36-38 hours. On the day of egg collection, your (recipient) partner will provide the semen sample. The donor eggs are then mixed with sperms and are kept in the laboratory for fertilisation. At the appropriate stage of development, the good quality embryos will be transferred into the recipients uterus. Surplus embryos can be frozen for future use. Alternatively, if you are not ready for fresh embryo transfer, all the good quality embryos can be frozen. You can undergo FET cycle once your reproductive health is optimised.

Success rates of Donor egg IVF cycle -

The success rates of donor egg cycle are good as young healthy donors are recruited in the programme. The embryos obtained are of good quality capable of implantation provided your endometrium is receptive. We at Arriva will support you at every step to help you in making the right decision, thus maximising the success rates.

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