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Frozen thawed Embryo Transfer (FET)

For many couples undergoing IVF treatment, surplus embryos are produced that can be frozen for future use. This gives an opportunity to undergo repeat embryo transfer without undergoing a full IVF cycle in cases where the IVF is unsuccessful or if you wish to try for a second pregnancy in future. FET also improves the chances of success if fresh embryo transfer is not an option due to any reason.


For an embryo to implant, adequate endometrial thickness is required to maximise the chances of success. During the FET cycle, different hormones are given to prepare the endometrium. Ultrasound scans are performed serially to measure the endometrial lining and when it reaches appropriate thickness, you will be prepared for embryo transfer. The embryos will be thawed and assessed for the quality before transfer. The best quality embryos will be placed in your uterine cavity under ultrasound guidance. A pregnancy test is planned two weeks after the transfer.

Success rates of FET

The success depends on the quality and the stage of development of the embryo at the time of freezing. Good quality embryos survive the freezing and thawing process well. FET has become popular recently because of the perception of an increase in chances of success in a non-stimulated cycle when the hormones are at normal physiological levels in the body. With advances in technology, the success rates are also improving continually.

Any effect of storage time on embryos ?

There is no effect of the length of time the embryos are stored on the success rates. The embryos remain safe as they are stored in liquid nitrogen and can be stored for ten years.

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