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Treatment of Male Infertility

In any couple who is not able to conceive after trying for one year without using any birth control measures, both the male and female partners are evaluated simultaneously. The male partner may be asked a few questions related to general and reproductive health during the initial visit. You may be examined physically as well depending on your history. The basic fertility test is semen analysis which is advised to every couple who is undergoing fertility evaluation. Some hormonal and genetic tests may also be advised if required. Treatment usually depends on the cause of infertility and with modern technology, the treatment options for male infertility have expanded. At Arriva, you will be guided through all the management options customised to your fertility needs and individual condition.

Lifestyle changes- It is a well known fact that smoking, alcohol, use of any illicit drug, obesity etc have adverse effects on sperm quality. You will be advised to refrain from all these activities and to maintain a healthy weight to improve the success rates.

Medical treatment- Hormonal imbalances may affect spermatogenesis and may lead to infertility. The treatment may include gonadotropin therapy or oral drugs to improve the spermatogenesis.

For Mildly impaired sperm parameters - You may be prescribed oral medicines initially to improve sperm parameters. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is an option in which the best quality sperms are inseminated into your partner's uterus thereby increasing the density of sperms at the right time.

For severely impaired sperm parameters- If your semen analysis shows severely impaired parameters, you may be offered ICSI in which a single best sperm is injected directly into the egg thereby increasing the fertilisation rates.

Surgical treatment- You may be found to have varicocele during your physical examination which might be the reason of impaired sperm parameters. The surgery in such cases may improve the quality of sperms. Sometimes, if the cause of infertility is due to blockage in your reproductive system, you may need to undergo surgical repair or surgical retrieval of sperms.

At Arriva, we understand your desire to have your own biological child and therefore we put all our efforts to achieve your goal of parenthood.

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